Welder Jobs

Positions Available!

Specialized Services is hiring experienced and hardworking welders to assist in various tasks in and out of the field. Welders will be responsible for performing various functions and tasks.

  • Utilize plasma, gas, or electric arc in welding metallic and composite materials together
  • Heat and dissolve metal parts to obtain molten substance used in welding or extrusion
  • Oversee the installation of tank linings, valves, lead pipes, and floor
  • Conduct x-ray, hydrostatic, and tolerance tests on welded parts to verify weld quality and conformance to specification
  • Operate manual and semi-automatic welding equipment in vertical, horizontal, or overhead positions
  • Use power saws, chipping knives, and hand shears in cutting, beveling, and contouring metal workpieces
  • Repair structures by dismantling, reshaping, and reassembling metal components using cutting torches and hand tools
  • Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of local and international building codes/legal requirements
  • Monitor work equipment to ensure usage is within optimum temperature to avoid overheating or expansion
  • Prepare metal surfaces by cleaning with chemical solutions and wire brushes to remove impurities such as scale, rust, grease, and moisture
  • Design patterns and models for a welding project using specifications contained in a blueprint
  • Direct electrodes on or across metal workpieces to melt, bend, or straighten them
  • Mount and secure workpieces on production equipment using cranes, hoists, or banding machines
  • Conduct estimates to determine the amount and cost of materials required for construction
  • Mix and apply protective or decorative coat on finished products
  • Education and Training: We require a high school diploma and several years of training as a welding apprentice, as well as to 2-6 years of experience as a welder. You are required to pass welding competency tests in order to obtain the relevant welding fabricator certification.
  • Math Skills: Welders are able to complete complex calculations to determine the dimension and configuration of a welding project.
  • Physical Stamina: You are able to perform welding operations under extreme conditions such as inclement weather and limited workspace.
  • Manual Dexterity: You are able to operate and utilize a range of power and hand tools to carrying out welding activities.