Mobile Command UNITS

Multipurpose Mobile Command

Get a mobile command unit for surveillance, automation, cooking, or multipurpose use when you partner with Specialized Services Inc. They are uniquely designed, equipped, fabricated, and ultimately built via 3-D model to ensure 100% satisfaction.

Mobility & Functionality

Our mobile command centers are designed to allow ultimate customization without the hassle or need of a permanent building. Command centers are also built to withstand the most rugged environments but remains sleek and detailed with all our completed units powder coated before delivery.

It’s our goal to make your process simpler and more efficient. Our team custom builds your unit and ensures the technology of the unit can accomplish a broad range of tasks, such as:

  • Surveillance with the ability to record and view remotely via phone, tablet, or computer
  • Smart temperature sensors with the ability to add employees or vendors for COVID-19 compliance
  • Propane smokers
  • Grills
  • Mobile food truck equipment
  • Equipment or machine sensors/monitoring
  • License plate scanner
  • Traffic control
  • Access control